3 Reasons why you should use Valor Essential oil

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Valor is my spirit animal… I really need a T-shirt with that on it, cause Valor is my favorite Essential oil blend.

I’m so excited to share this awesome oil with you. Valor was the first oil I got outside of my kit. I had heard they had been out of it for 2 years because of supply constraints. See, when Young Living can’t source a crop that follows their Seed to Seal standards, they go out of stock instead of compromising the quality of their products. I love that about them. So I decided to jump on the chance to get a bottle and I fell in love.

Valor is a blend of Black spruce, Camphor, Blue tansy, Frankincense, and Geranium. I think it’s a magical blend and I am so in love with it. It smells exotic, sweet, and woody. I love applying it topically  and consider it a personal perfume. I also put it on my diffuser necklace when I got out and about. It’s my pick me up oil and makes me happy and relaxed.

I’ve even made a roller bottle with it for my dog Juno, for when she needs a little reassuring and confidence. It helped her overcome a phase of submissive urination and I apply it on both dogs on Holidays like 4th of July to help them cope with all the fireworks.

3 Reasons why you should use Valor Essential oil

  1. It’s scent is uplifting and calming.
  2. It can boost your confidence and help ground you.
  3. It helps ease tension and relaxes you.

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