5 reasons why you should be using Basil Essential Oil


Basil Essential oil is the bomb.

It’s a fairly new concept to use Essential oil while cooking but man, I am so thankful it’s become a thing.  I don’t like using dried herbs, I will, but I don’t like too. I prefer using fresh herbs or Essential oil when possible.

Why? Because I don’t get dried herbs in my teeth or that weird texture dried herbs can give a dish. Especially when I need to really pack an herb-y flavor into what I’m cooking.

Take for instance pizza sauce. I love having a strong flavored sauce but I hate the texture of all the dried herbs it takes to get that level of flavor.  Essential oils to the rescue! You need less than a drop of oil to flavor a batch of pizza sauce ( I use a toothpick to add small amounts till it’s perfectly flavored).

Herb-y Essential oils (like rosemary, oregano, and basil to name a few) are super strong and a whole drop in the recipe could be overwhelming.  Start small and work your way up till you get your desired flavor.

As with anything you cook, some properties of the Essential oil will breakdown at high heat (a reason many oils are cold pressed). So if you are planning on using the essential oil because you want to take advantage of a property it has, try adding it after the heating process or in a recipe that does not require heat.

When using essential oil for cooking or ingestion purposes make sure your oil is high quality and safe for ingesting. You want to make sure you are getting pure oils and nothing synthetic.


5 reasons why you should be using Basil Essential Oil.

  1. It is wonderful (and potent) for adding to food recipes that call for Basil.
  2. Basil’s aroma helps to promote focus and alert your mind.
  3. When used topically it can improve skin tone, complexion and aid in acne treatment.
  4. It makes a wonderful insect repellent. Simply add a drop to a cotton ball and leave near the pest problem. Or make into a spray and use it on your clothes and skin before heading outdoors.
  5. Used aromatically and topically it helps you relax,  release tension and improve your mood.

*Basil oil can be a ‘hot’ oil and when used topically it should be diluted to prevent possible skin irritation.*

*You should avoid this oil if you are epileptic.*

For more information on Essential oils check out my Essential oil page.



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