5 Reasons you should use Fennel Essential oil

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Fennel Essential oil (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel is something I only recently got into (both the vegetable and the oil) It has a fresh and zesty sent that reminds me of licorice. Growing up I was not a fan of licorice anything. I remember my grandfather loving a black licorice gum that he would constantly offer to us. We refused and tried to convince him that real licorice, the good stuff, was red and sweet. Now that I’m older I still don’t care for black licorice, but I have found a love for herbs and plants that have a slight licorice flavor.

My Mr. loves fennel and I got this oil mainly for him, but I’m finding I use it more. I put it on my tummy when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me (Fennel is an ingredient in Young Livings Digize oil blend which helps support digestion) and I like adding it to the diffuser with Orange essential oil to help relieve stress and create a happy atmosphere.

5 Reasons you should use Fennel Essential oil

  1. Diffuse to relieve stress and anxiety.
  2. It helps moisturize and tone skin, add it to your nightly skin regime.
  3. When ingested or applied topically to your abdomen is can help support digestive wellness.
  4. It may help calm upset tummys
  5. It has anti-fungal properties, making it a wonderful addition to your mani/pedi routine.

*Cautions* You should use caution and talk with your Doctor before using this oil during pregnancy and avoid  if you are epileptic.

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