5 Reasons to use Cedarwood Essential Oil

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I love Cedarwood Essential oil (Cedrus atlantica), it smells sweet and woodsy . I always have two bottles in the house. One is on my nightstand, I love diffusing it alone or with other oils (like Vetiver or Lavender) to help us get a goodnight sleep. Cedarwood Essential oil has sedative properties and is very relaxing so it just makes sense to diffuse it before bed.

The second bottle is always in the laundry room. Last year I ditched my dryer sheets and switched to using Wool balls and Essential oils in their place. I love the scent combo of Cedarwood and Orange. It creates a subtle, and up lifting scent that isn’t to ‘girly’ so my Mr even likes it. I’ve been exclusively using Cedarwood and Orange with my laundry for 7 months now, I just can’t bring myself to try any other oils because I love this combo so much.

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5 Reasons why you should use Cedarwood Essential Oil

1. It has an uplifting and relaxing aroma. Try adding a few drops to bathwater to create a relaxing environment.
2. It’s wonderful for your hair and skin (add to shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and add shine to your hair).
3. Diffuse before bed (it has sedative properties) to help  get a restful night sleep.
4. It can improve focus and memory. Try diffusing it while you study or are working.
5. It’s a natural insect repellent – Mosquitoes and fleas don’t like it’s scent and wearing or using Cedarwood can help keep pests away. (It’s also safe to use around both cats and dogs)

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.... Young Living Independent Distributor Member # 11983273


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