5 reasons why you should be using Bergamot Essential Oil

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Today I’m talking about Bergamot Essential oil.

Bergamot is most well know for creating the iconic flavor of  Earl Grey tea, but this essential oil is so much more than a flavorant. If you’ve read the ‘about me’ page you know I do not like Earl Grey tea. For whatever reason my taste buds find it gross and I don’t enjoy drinking it. That being said, I go through Bergamot Essential oil ALL the time. I love it’s smell and love diffusing it with Orange Essential oil, the combo is amazingly fresh, uplifting, and calming.

Bergamot’s scent is spicy, earthy and a bit citrusy. It’s one of the non-herby oils that my Mr likes and I’ll find him suggesting it for the diffuser (along with Vetiver, his all time favorite oil).

5 reasons you should be using Bergamot Essential oil

1. The scent is great for relaxing and reducing feelings of stress.
2. It’s great for your skin care regime and can lesson the appearance of scares and blemishes.
3. It makes a great deodorant and can cut down on body odor.
4. It’s aroma is uplifting and can help lessen anxiety.
5. It’s what gives Earl Grey tea it’s distinct flavor and can be used to flavor food- it has a zesty citrus flavor. Try adding a drop or two to vanilla cupcake frosting for a special twist.


*Bergamot is part of the citrus family and can cause photo sensitivity. When used topically you should avoid sun exposure for a few hours and/or take extra precaution when exposed to the sun.

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