5 reasons why you should use Cinnamon Bark Essential oil


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Independent Distributor Member # 11983273

Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum)

This oil is another great example of how Essential oils differ from synthetic fragrances.  I can’t stand synthetic Cinnamon. I dread going to the store during the holidays because the stench of the Cinnamon scented pine cones make me sick. I’ve almost had security called on me because I wear a scarf over my nose when I pass them and I look sketchy.

I’ll confess right now that I did not order Cinnamon Bark Essential oil. It was a free monthly promo I qualified for. I was scared to open it, afraid I would have the same reaction as  all the other cinnamon scented things ( I will note here that I love eating Cinnamon and using it as a spice- I have never had a problem with it as a spice).

Thankfully I took the plunge and opened the bottle.  I was relieved when it smelled like my jar of Cinnamon and nothing like those Cinnamon pine cones.


.... Young Living Independent Distributor Member # 11983273

5 Reasons why you should use Cinnamon Bark Essential oil

  1. It works as a breath freshener and helps keep bad breath at bay.
  2.  It’s wonderful to cook with and aids in digestion wellness.
  3.  It repels mosquitoes.
  4.  Its great for eliminating odors and cleaning the air.
  5.  It works well for acne breakouts.

*Cinnamon Bark may irritate nasal membranes if inhaled directly- This oil is strong and you should always  dilute with a carrier oil when using topically and should have a patch test done before using regularly. It also shouldn’t be used on cats without direct instructions from your veterinarian. If diffusing in a room make sure the cat can leave the area and get fresh air.***

For more information  check out my Essential oil page, the other Reasons Why in the series.


.... Young Living Independent Distributor Member # 11983273


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