5 Reasons why you should use Cypress Essential oil

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Cypress Essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens) has a spicy, citrusy, earthy scent to it.

Both me and the Mr. like woodsy scents so I started collecting the essential oils that would smell woody. So far I love all the oils I’ve gotten but I probably use my Cypress and Cedarwood the most out of all the oils in my ever growing woodsy collection.

I love diffusing it when I’m having a relaxing night in and want to sleep like a baby later. I’ve also added it to Epson salts for a very relaxing bath. It pairs really well with citrus oils or even something floral like Lavender.

After researching  more uses for it I’m also going to keep it in my Natural first aid kit (see reason #2 below). This is one oil that wasn’t on my radar and I discovered its uses only after I added it to my collection, it’s definitely a keeper and one that I will stock up on.

5 Reasons why you should use Cypress Essential oil

  1. It  creates a relaxing and calming environment and  can relieve anxiety and help you sleep.
  2. It’s homeostatic properties can help clot blood on a small cut- handy for first aid kit
  3. It makes a wonderful  natural deodorant
  4. It’s great for skin and hair- it combats oily skin
  5. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite

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