5 reasons why you should use Juniper Essential oil

Juniper Essential oil and 5 reasons you should use it.... Independent distributor- Member number #11983273

Independent Distributor Member # 11983273

Juniper Essential oil (Juniperus osteosperma)

This was one of the first oils Mr. Everything asked that I order. I’m glad he requested it. I had been shy around all things Juniper and Gin after a wild New Years Eve party in my youth (Gin being the main alcohol I consumed and getting both terribly hung-over and food poisoning hours later sealed Gin’s fate). I don’t know how long it would of taken me to order Juniper Essential oil on my own, afraid it’s aroma would remind me of that horrible experience. But, thankfully, that was not the case and I now love diffusing Juniper Essential oil.

Mr. Everything and I like to diffuse it with Cedarwood and Vetiver before bed. Juniper has an earthy, woody scent with a hint of floral. It pairs really well with the woodsy scents of Cedarwood and Vetiver, creating a cozy and relaxing environment.

It’s safe for the whole furry family…

Not only does this combo help us relax and get a peaceful night sleep, but I also love that I can diffuse it around my animals. In the evening the dogs are usually found draped at our feet and the cats are curled up in balls next to us or, in the case of little Nute, she is running around the bed, unable to decide if she wants to cuddle or play.

When diffusing Essential oils at night I like to make sure they are appropriate for all my furry babies. Dogs can have individual reactions/allergies to some oils just like humans, but cat’s can’t metabolize certain compounds that are found in some essential oils and you should use caution when using them around your feline friends. I won’t use an oil at night (when we are all in a closed room together) unless I know  it is safe for all my animals to be around.

You can find out more about oils and Dogs here, and oils and Cats here.

Okay, on to the good stuff….

Juniper Essential oil and 5 reasons you should use it.... Independent distributor- Member number #11983273

5 Reasons why you should use Juniper Essential oil.

  1.  It’s great for the skin and can help reduce dandruff. Add it to your skin regime and feel the difference. For helping reduce dandruff add a few drops to your shampoo and shampoo as normal.
  2. It is a natural insect repellent, particularly effective towards ticks.
  3.  It can help relax your muscles.  Add it to a carrier oil and use for a relaxing massage.
  4. Diffuse for a goodnight sleep (alone or with other oils).
  5. It evokes feelings of love, peace, and spiritual awareness. Making it great for diffusing during meditation.


For more information on Essential oils  check out my Essential oil page, the other Reasons Why in the series, and Essential oils for Cats and Dogs.


Juniper Essential oil and 5 reasons you should use it.... Independent distributor- Member number #11983273
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