5 Reasons why you should be using Mountain Savory Essential oil

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I got Mountain Savory (Satureja montana) out of curiosity.

When I first started Young Living I signed up for Essential Rewards so I would get bonuses for my monthly orders and earn free product (check out the bottom of my oil page for more information).  I limited myself to 100 pv a month and picked oils and products to try that would keep me in range of my limit. One month I went crazy and bought as many new oils in the Vitality line that I could, Mountain Savory was one of them.

The smell of Mountain Savory reminds me a lot of Oregano, and a little bit of Thyme. Its not as in your face as a bottle of Oregano (holy cow that stuff is pungent), but its scent is strong and herby.  I like diffusing it with citrus (like Lime)  for a fresh, herby and almost woodsy scent.


5 Reasons why you should use Mountain Savory Essential oil.

1. It adds a herbaceous flavor to your favorite recipes- similar to oregano, just make sure your Essential oil is 100% pure and go slow when adding it to recipes.
2. When diffused it creates a motivating and energizing atmosphere.
3. It makes a wonderful cleaner because of its anti-bacterial compounds.
4. It can help relieve the sting of bug bites.
5. Its also wonderful for manicures and pedicures because of it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Check out my Essential oils page and my other Essential oils posts for more information on oils, uses, and how to buy through Young Living.

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