5 Reasons why you should be using Orange Essential oil

Orange Essential oil (Citrus aurantium dulcis) is instantly recognizable with its fresh, clean scent. It smells just like peeling an orange.

This is one of my favorites to put in the diffuser during the day and it pairs well with most other oils if you’re looking for a blend to diffuse. I also LOVE pairing it with Cedarwood Essential oil and use them both in my laundry.

5 Reasons why you should be using Orange Essential oil

1. Got the blues? Orange Essential oil’s uplifting scent can improve your mood. It’s known as the happy oil.
2. It creates a relaxing environment when diffused.- relaxed and happy for the win!
3. It can help reduce acne and works well with oily skin (See caution below)
4. It repels ants. Good to know, because ants suck. Add a drop to a cotton ball and leave near windows, doors or suspected points of entry of the invaders.
5. Like most citrus oils its great for cleaning, and leaves your house smelling amazing.

*Caution* Like all oils in the citrus family Orange Essential oil can cause photo sensitivity and you should take precaution to protect your skin for 12 hours after using it topically.  Applying it at night is best, otherwise wear sun protection and avoid sun exposure to those areas.

For more information check out my Essential oils page.

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