5 Reasons why you should use Pine Essential oil

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Pine Essential oil (Pinus sylvestris)

This is an oil I added to my collection because I love woodsy scents, especially in the winter months, I’m sure it’s the association with Christmas trees. I’ve been replacing my favorite candle scents with  Essential oils in the diffuser, so I needed to make sure I had Woodsy scents during the colder months.

Pine has become one of my favorite woodsy oils and I love diffusing it with Orange Essential oil while I work. It’s relaxing and uplifting at the same time so it’s much appreciated when I’m staring at a computer screen.  My Mr. also loves it so we diffuse it on the weekends and I’ll even add it to a massage oil from when our muscles need a little tlc.

5 Reasons why you should use Pine Essential oil

  1. It is wonderful for your skin and hair, try adding a few drops to a carrier oil and applying it to your skin before bed
  2. The aroma is stress reliving and enhances your mood, try diffusing it on it’s own or with Orange Essential oil
  3. It is invigorating to the mind and body and can relieve mental and physical fatigue
  4. It’s a wonderful addition to massage oil
  5. It’s great for removing odors and keeps fly’s away.

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