5 Reasons why you should be using Spearmint Essential oil

Spearmint Essential oil  (Mentha spicata) is the oil of the day.

I pretty much love anything in the mint family and have since I was little. I always gravitated towards mint flavored candy, ice cream, and gum as a kid- and still do.  Now as an adult I collect different kinds of mint and grow them on my front porch. I’ve got chocolate mint, orange mint, and apple mint right along side traditional peppermint and spearmint.  I also love cooking with it, I add mint leaves to ice teas and salads and I use Peppermint Essential oil  for my peppermint mochas.

Spearmint shares a lot of qualities with Peppermint but is more mild. Peppermint tends to have an in your face affect while Spearmint has a earthy quality that mellows the menthol out. I tend to use Spearmint in the diffuser more than my peppermint oil and I love adding it to massage oil for when my muscles are tired and I need a little pick me up. It has a relaxing and cooling affect when applied to the skin.

5 Reasons why you should be using Spearmint Essential oil

  1. It’s Aroma is uplifting and calming.
  2. It makes a grate insect repellent, especially  against mosquitoes, ants, flies, and moths.
  3. It’s great for adding to massage oil. It has a cooling affect that feels wonderful on tired muscles.
  4. It can help relieve stress.
  5. It promotes fresh breath-  when used along with tooth paste or in a tea.

For more information about Essential oils check out my Oil page and the other ‘Reasons why’ posts.

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