5 Reasons why you should be using Tangerine Essential oil

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Tangerine Essential oil (Citrus reticulata) was the first Essential oil I got for free with my Essential Rewards membership (see my Essential oil Page for more info on Essential Rewards).  I used it more than the Orange oil in my kit (at least before I started using Orange and Cedarwood Essential oil in my Laundry). It’s a lovely oil to have in your collection.

Like all citrus it has an invigorating and uplifting aroma. It’s great for lifting your mood. If I’m feeling down I put some Tangerine Essential oil in the diffuser and put on some upbeat music to help brighten my day.

I’ve found that Tangerine is stronger and not as sweet smelling as Orange Essential oil. I tend to use Tangerine when I want more of a kick of citrus. I love pairing it with herby or tree oils (like Basil or Cypress).  It’s also great to pair with relaxing oils like Lavender or Cedarwood for a good nights sleep.

5 Reasons why you should be using Tangerine Essential oil

  1. Diffuse to uplift your mood and feel energetic.
  2. It can help get rid of acne and smooth your skin when you add it to your face-wash.
  3. It can  help relieve Anxiety.
  4. It’s great for cleaning, it cuts through grease and is anti fungal and antiseptic.
  5. It makes a wonderful addition to perfume or deodorant.

*Caution* Like all oils from the Citrus family Tangerine can cause Photosensitivity and precautions should be used when using this oil topically before going out in the sun. I recommend using Tangerine Essential oils topically 12 hours or more before sun exposure or using Sunscreen and covering up application area before heading outside.*

For more information on Essential oils please visit my Oils page and check out the other ‘ Reasons why‘ posts.


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