5 Reasons why you should be using Eucalyptus Globulus

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I’m not going to lie, Eucalyptus Globulus reminds me of two thing. The first thing I think of when I smell it is my grandmother. The second is when you’re sick and need some Vicks vapor rub – which is why it reminds me of my grandmother. She would use Vicks nightly to keep away colds, and I (for some reason) always had to bunk with her when visiting, so it makes sense that it reminds me of her first.

Eucalyptus is one of the first ingredients in Vicks and they sight it as a couch suppressant but as an Essential oil it has so many more uses. I feel like it’s often over looked for it’s other uses so the 5 reasons below have nothing to do with it’s ‘traditional’ use as a cough suppressant.

5 Reasons why you should be using Eucalyptus Globulus

  1. It’s great for moisturizing your hair and scalp. Try making a hair mask using your favorite carrier oil and a few drops essential oil. Massage it into you scalp and hair. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash out.
  2.  It removes grease and grime from hands and skin (add a few drops to salt and massage into greasy skin, then wash with soap)
  3.  It makes a great cleaner around the house and removes odors.
  4. Use it as a natural bug repellent for yourself, pets, or home.
  5. It makes a natural sunscreen (it’s spf 3). Add it to olive oil or coconut oil (which are spf 8) for a low spf sunscreen.

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