How to clean Empty Essential oil bottles and 5 ways to reuse them
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Do you have a pile of almost empty essential oil bottles? The one’s you hold upside down forever and shake, hoping that last little bit of oil will come out? Well gather those bottles up because I’m going to show you how to use that last little bit of oil and clean your bottles. Plus I’ll share with you my 5 favorite ways to reuse them.

I hate the idea of letting that last little bit of oil go to waste and I have two ways I like to use it. 1- I will make a roller bottle blend with compatible oils. 2- I make kitchen sink bath salts.

I pour some Epsom salts into a glass bowl. Then I remove the lids and inner caps of the essential oil bottles. I pour some Epsom salts into the bottles and bury the lids and caps in the bowl of Epsom salts. I will let this sit at least an hour.

After an hour the Epsom salts will have absorbed the oil and you can shake the salt out of the bottles. I store these Kitchen sink bath salts in a mason jar and use whenever I take a bath. The empty bottles are now ready to be cleaned.

Cleaning the bottles is super easy. I fill a bowl up with warm water (it can be the same one you made the kitchen sink bath salts in) and a little soap. Then I submerge the bottles, pour caps, and lids. Once the bottles have soapy water in them I put my finger over the top and give each bottle a shake. Then I’ll peel off the labels and give everything a good scrub before rinsing them and letting them dry.

Depending on the oil and how old it was the lid and inner cap may be stained and still smell of the oil. You can either toss them or reuse them with the same oil, your choice.

As promised…. 5 ways to reuse old Essential oil bottles

  • Turn the bottles into roller bottles. Roller filaments fit perfectly into the bottles making it easy to turn these into roller bottles for easy topical application.
  • Turn them into mini spray bottles with a spray top attachment! Perfect for personal scents, bug repellent, and on the go air freshener.
  • Use them to make your own Blends. Do you find yourself diffusing the same 3 oils together? Combine them into one bottle and you’ll always have your favorite combo right here.
  • Share with friends and family. Use the old bottles to create something new. A blend or a single oil, diluted for their using convenience is a great way to share your favorite oils with friends and family
  • Make your own travel set! Reuse the bottles to take just enough of your favorite oils with you without bringing your main stash.

For more information on Essential oils check out my Essential oil page, and Essential oils for Cats and Dogs.

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  1. Thank you for your ideas for empty oil bottles. Where can I purchase the roller ball and sprayer to fit my empty bottles? This is such a great idea!!

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