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Diffusing essential oil is a great way to influence your mood. Not only does our sense of smell associate different smells and trigger emotions but the unique properties of essential oils can also influence our mood and emotions.

Woodsy oils and scents are know to promote relaxation and are grounding while citrus is known to be happy and uplifting. If you’re feeling like your in a funk then diffusing the right oils can help you get out of it.

Have test to study for? Pick focusing and stress relieving oils to help while you hit the books. Like Rosemary and Cedarwood.

Pissed off at that speeding ticket? Choose oils that will diffuse that temper. Like Cypress and Bergamot

Hitting that mid day wall? Use oils that will invigorate the mind and wake you up. Like Black Pepper and Lemon.

My favorite blends for 7 different moods.

Give these a try and adjust the blends as needed for you.

Happiness Charge– The floral of the geranium is a sweet and happy oil while the orange is burst of bright happiness. I love to add the frankincense in for it’s uplifting properties and feel it balances the geranium so it’s not overwhelming

Tame that Temper– Valor works to ground and comfort you while the cypress and bergamot lift your spirits and help ebb away the burn of anger.

Balance time– This combo of oils is calming, and balancing while still lifting your spirits. I love diffusing this blend when I feel like I’m all over the place. It helps me slow down and balance my energy and mood. Melissa is a superstar of an oil and just like the geranium a little goes a long way.

Pick me up– This blend was created for when I hit that midday wall, when I’m tired and unfocused. The lemon and rosemary work to invigorate the mind and the added kick of black pepper will push you past the midday wall and give you the wake up call you need.

Let’s be grounded– When I need to quiet my mind, either from a busy day or when I want to meditate I’ll diffuse this blend. It’s earthy aroma brings peace to the mind and can help you de-stress from the day.

They all smell heavenly….

Spread the love– This diffuser blend is great for an uplifting and loving atmosphere. I diffuse this when I’m lonely and missing my beau or when all the negativity of the world feels like it’s on my shoulders (hello Facebook news-feed… I’m talking about you).

Just unwind– Three of my favorite oils come together for this blend. Together they have a relaxing mojo. Its perfect for the end of the day and into the night helping you sleep peacefully.

For more about essential oils check out my Essential oils page.

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