Essential oils for Road trips

I love road trips. Mr. Everything and I tend to have several each year. Some are day trips and others are full on driving marathons. You know you’re meant to be with someone when you don’t want to kill them after hours in the car together. Road trips can be stressful especially when you throw kids or pets into the mix.

That’s why its important to be prepared. After all our road tips together I’ve created a must have list of Essential oils and products that cover all the bases and keep us happily on the road.

Essential oils

Below are my top 5 essential oils to bring on a road trip. These oils can be diffused or used topically. I tend to make diluted roller bottles and have small bottles for diffusing if need be. There are several styles of diffusers that work in the car, like this personal diffuser or this car vent diffuser. You can also DIY a vent diffuser buy gluing a cotton ball to a clothes pin.

  • Thieves– It freshens the air and keeps the car an anti-germ zone.
  • StressAway– For when you run into traffic, detours, or speeding tickets.
  • Digize– I keep this in my purse at all times and use it whenever tummy troubles arise.
  • En-R-Gee– This is an invigorating blend. We use it to keep alert during long drives, especially at night.
  • Peppermint– Along with it’s refreshing scent it can also sooth minor headaches and tame nausea caused by motion sickness.
Notice I don’t have any calming oils? Other than StressAway I steer clear of calming oils that might relax the driver too much. No body wants a sleepy driver. If we are driving long distances without a hotel stop I’ll use a Lavender lip balm before catching some ZZZ’s in the passenger seat. That way I get the calming and relaxing properties of the lavender without it affecting Mr. Everything.


Below are my favorite essential oil products to bring on road trips. I’ve come to rely on them and they make road trips that much more enjoyable and easy.

  • Thieves products – I bring the trifecta of Thieves spray, Thieves wipes and Thieves hand sanitizer. Traveling can be a messy and germ infested business so I bring and use all three.
  • Seedlings wipes– These baby wipes are used for everything. cleaning up messes, wiping off makeup, or even a mini bath if it’s a long ride with no shower.
  • Cool Azul pain cream– Perfect for slathering on stiff and achy joints and muscles from all those long hours in the car.
  • NingXia Red singles NingXia Red is an awesome antioxidant drink and gives you a little pick me up. These singles are perfect for traveling with and drinking on the go.
  • Lavender Lip Balm – Say no to chapped lips and keep this on hand. It’s also great for applying before a nap because of Lavenders calming properties.
  • Thieves Toothpaste – For long trips I bring thieves toothpaste. It doubles as a deodorant in a pinch. Just use a pea sized amount and divide between your armpits. It will be minty tingly but keep you from getting stinky (your companions will thank you).

There you have it. My essential oils for Road Trips. I hope it will help you on your next trip.

For more information on essential oils please check out my essential oils page.

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