Essential oils in the bedroom? Yes, there are oils for that.

Set the mood, make a love potion or make personal lubricants. Essential oils got you covered when it comes to romance and intimacy.

I discovered all the amazing ways that essential oils can help in the bedroom by reading ‘Lucy Libido says…There’s an oil for THAT’.

Lucy is the persona of dozens of women, of all ages, and life experience, who all love essential oils. Their collective knowledge and experiences created Lucy Libido to share what they found when using essential oils in the bedroom. I highly recommend reading it (get a copy here) and I enjoyed the down to earth and cheeky approach to sharing this information.

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The basics…

First off, when using essential oils in the bedroom (or anytime really), you should be using truly 100% pure oils. To do this you need to know and trust the company you buy from. This is why I only use Young Living Essential oils. I know they’re high quality and truly pure oils with Young Livings Seed to Seal promise and seeing one of the farms first hand (see my essential oils page for more information).

Next, do some research. Look up an oil and learn it’s uses and possible side effects before you decide to try it in the bedroom. Make sure you know the purpose of the oil and apply it appropriately. I’ll be sharing some oils and application methods below but these are some basic suggestions and only scratch the surface of oil uses in the bedroom.

How to use them…

The easiest ways to use essential oils in the bedroom is to diffuse them. Set the mood with exotic and stimulating oils. Scents like Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage can increase sexual energy and get you both excited for whats about to happen. Scent is powerfully tied to memory so if you always diffuse a certain blend of oils your partner will know when things are going to get frisky.

Using oils topically is another great way to bring them into the bedroom. Make sure to test all oils for skin sensitivity or allergic reactions before using them for romance. Nothing will kill the mood more than finding out you’re sensitive to an oil (be it too hot, too intense, or an actual allergy). If you and your partner have used the oil before then your good to continue. You can make a relaxing and seductive massage oil. Or an inner thigh potion to get yourself or your partner pumped up and ready to go.

You can even ingest some essential oils to prep for some bedroom action. Use only Young Livings vitality line or oils from the FDA’s GRAS list (generally regarded as safe). Ingesting oils is for helping support your natural body systems (usually taken in a gel capsule, either daily or 20 minutes before the action starts) or for edible love butters and lubes.

You’ll want to start where you’re most comfortable and explore with your partner to find what oils and applications work best for you.


Carrier oils – Use for topical application like massage oils, inner thigh potions, and when making lubes and body butters. Coconut oil is a popular choice (both it’s natural form and fractionated -which stays liquid at room temp). You can also use vegetable oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and almond oil depending on what you’re using it for. Just keep in mind that oil isn’t good when using latex, so if you’re using latex condoms you need to use a water based lube.

Ylang Ylang – Works for both sexes and balances male-female energies. Diffuse it or apply topically to create an intimate environment. It will get your motors running as it increase sexual energy. *use sparingly if you have low blood pressure*

Cypress – Works well for getting the blood flowing (which is pretty important when doing the deed) and is great for either sex. It’s awesome for using with inner thigh potions and lubes. It works well with other oils and creates an amazing aroma. Try blending it with orange or ylang ylang.

Clary Sage– This oil is mainly for us ladies. It will help get us in the mood and when used in an inner thigh portion it can help increase natural lubrication. It’s a popular oil for women’s hormonal support and smells floral and herby. It’s also great for blending in the diffuser.

Idaho Blue Spruce– This oil is for the men to try. It works amazing in a lube and it’s been compared to that little blue pill (just mix a few drops with coconut oil and give him some attention down below before starting). Lucy even has a Mr. Lidido’s perky pellet recipe that includes it (along with a few other oils) to keep him at attention. Use it aromatically, topically, and even internally (its GRAS). The woodsy scent is amazing in the diffuser with orange.

Orange– Orange is the happy oil. In the bedroom orange essential oil helps both partners relax and embrace their playful side. It’s a great one for helping you relax from the busy day while getting you excited for play time. It also pairs well with the other oils you can use in the bedroom. It’s diffused, used topically, and can be ingested.

And that’s just the start….

This is just a start to get you going. There are other oils and even blends that that are wonderful in the bedroom like Joy, Sensation, and Shurtan (all from Young Living). Each oil will work with a persons body chemistry differently so experiment to find the oil or combo of oils that works best for you and your partner. Make it fun.

If you’re already a Young Living member you should some of these oils in your next order and if you’re not yet a member you can use this link to sign up and start your oil journey (I’ll be there to help you on your way).

I’m constantly finding new ways to use essential oils and love sharing them on the blog. Keep a look out for new oil posts every Wednesday!

For more information on Essential oils check out my Essential oil page.

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