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Essential Oils

Essential oils starter kit are all the rage in the Essential oil world.

Essential oils starter kit

What are Essential oils and how do you use them?

Essential oils are the concentrated oil ‘essence’ of the plant they are extracted from. Each oil has their own properties and uses.
The ways to use Essential oils vary but they are typically diffused into the air, used topically with a carrier oil, and in some cases ingested. You can also use oils to clean your home, keep away pests, and cook with. An Essential Oils Starter Kit is the easiest and most economical way to get started with essential oils.

Why Quality Matters…

You shouldn’t use just any brand of Essential oil. Essential oils are not regulated by a government agency and standards can vary. You don’t want to be using Essential oils that have synthetic compounds or possible contaminates in them. You need to know exactly whats in the oils you’re using. There are only a few companies out there that supply truly 100% Therapeutic grade Essential oils. One of the reasons I chose Young Living was because of their Seed to Seal promise and industry standards. I know when I buy from them I am getting the best quality out there that is beyond organic.

Why Young Living?

Along with their Seed to Seal program I went with Young Living for a few reasons.
1. They are one of the oldest and most successful in the industry.
2. Their vast selection of products. They have more that just bottles of Essential oil, they also carry skincare, makeup, cleaning products, and have a baby care line (to name a few, there are more). 3. They have the best Essential oils starter kit options. With 12 oils, a diffuser, and samples of some of their other products.
4. I loved the community. I have never met a more happy and helpful bunch of ladies and gentlemen in my life. It was probably the biggest selling point for me, I met reps that shared so much and weren’t trying to ‘sell’ me anything, we just shared our lives and our love for oils.

My other reasons for loving Young Living actually popped up when I went to the International conference, it was an amazing experience and I can go on and on about it- so back to the point!

Essential oils starter kit

Where to start?

If you have cold feet you can sign up as a retail customer and buy an oil or two to them try out. But for the best investment and savings sign up as a MEMBER and buy a premium starter kit (there are a few to choose from) The one pictured is an older bundle of the desert mist diffuser (I need pictures of the newest kit!), The new desert mist kit comes with 12 popular oils, a diffuser, samples of NingXia Red and Thieves cleaner, and some literature. It sells for $165+ tax and shipping (and is over a $400 value).
If the essential oil starter kit’s not your cup of tea, they also have a NingXia Red starter kit and a Thieves cleaner starter kit!
Once you’re a member you’ll enjoy 24% off the retail price of future purchases.

When you sign up, please use my member #11983273.  This will add you to my team and you’ll get access to my Facebook group, so you can learn more about essential oils, how to use them,  get weekly recipes and I can answer any questions you have.

Sign up now!

Essential Rewards?

When you sign up, it will prompt you to register for essential rewards. I’ve saved so much money and earn free product every month because of Essential Rewards. If you think you will be buying 50pv (usually $50 or so) or more in products a month then you should sign up.
Essential Rewards is a subscription reward program, with reduced shipping rates, discounted pricing on exclusive product kits, up to 25 percent back in essential rewards points (starts out at 10% and goes up to 25%), loyalty gifts, and is free to sign up. You can change nearly anything about your order: what day it processes, what’s in your order and gives you the ability to cancel your order anytime. Learn more about Essential Rewards here.

If you’re not interested in Essential Rewards right now that’s okay, just skip it. You can sign up at anytime once you are a member.

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