A Gluten Free Fried Egg Sandwich is a go-to food for me.

Whether it’s as a late night snack or a lazy brunch on the weekend, I just love the salty bacon, buttery toast and runny egg yolk of a fried egg sandwich. There is just something comforting about it.

I have a few fond memories as a teenager of making these with friends in my parents kitchen at 3 am. Giggling from lack of sleep and trying to whisper so we wouldn’t wake anyone.

A few things have changed since then. Like how it’s nearly impossible for me to stay up till 3 am anymore (11:30 is pushing it these days), and how the bread needs to be gluten free.

Because this Gluten Free Fried Egg Sandwich is so simple to make, you really need to focus on quality ingredients. You’ve got 5 ingredients to work with so make sure they are the best.

  • These days I use fresh eggs from my chickens or ducks. I can tell the taste and texture difference from using fresh eggs to store bought eggs. The regular, boring white, store bought eggs will work. But if you can get your hands on some fresh farm eggs. It’s totally worth it.
  • Use thick cut, thigh quality bacon. It makes for a meatier sandwich and gives a nice salty bite. If you are a black pepper fan, use thick cut pepper bacon, and enjoy the punch of pepper it gives the sandwich.
  • When it comes to cheese there are two kinds I pick between. Mild Cheddar or mild Provolone. Both cheeses are amazing on a fried egg sandwich, but Cheddar is the classic old-standby. You want a cheese with it’s own personality but not so overwhelming that is takes over the sandwich. Hence the mild instead of sharp cheeses.
  • I’m a stickler for real butter when it comes to this sandwich. The flavor can’t be beat and it’s better for you than over processed oil spreads. Real butter wins every time.
  • Lastly you need to use the best gluten free bread you can find. You don’t want your sandwich falling apart halfway through eating it. Or worse, tasting funny. My absolute favorite bread to use is from a local bakery in Portland, New Cascadia Traditional. All their breads are wonderful. They taste amazing and they don’t crumble when used (I’ve even used their round loaves for soup filled bread bowls before!). It’s not always feasible for me to have their bread on hand so my second favorite bread for this sandwich is the Heritage loaf from Canyon Bakehouse. I usually pick up a loaf or two when I’m at Walmart and stick it in the freezer. It’s a larger loaf that doesn’t fall apart and tastes good as-is or toasted.

Also, if runny yolks aren’t your thing you can totally cook the eggs longer so the yolk is solid. Personally I love the runny yolk and feel it keeps the sandwich from being ‘dry’.


Gluten Free Fried Egg Sandwich

Buttery toast, crispy bacon, the perfect fired egg and a punch of cheese, make fried egg sandwiches a tasty and popular comfort food.

  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 18 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Breakfast, Snack
  • Cuisine: American


  • 6 Strips Bacon
  • 4 Slices Gluten Free Bread
  • 3 TBS Butter
  • 2 Slices Mild Cheddar Cheese
  • 4 Eggs


  1. Place a large pan over medium-high heat and lay out the bacon. As the skillet heats up flip the bacon every few minutes so it cooks evenly.
  2. Meanwhile toast the gluten free bread in a toaster. Once the toast is toasted to your liking remove it and butter each side with 1/2 TBS butter. Repeat with second set of bread.
  3. Arrange a cheese slice on one side of toast. Depending on the bread you choose you may need to break the cheese slice into sections to get it to fit correctly. Repeat this with the other slice of cheese and buttered toast.
  4. Once the bacon is to your desired doneness remove the strips to a paper towel lined plate and set aside.
  5. Place the remaining TBS of butter into the hot skillet and allow it to melt. Crack an egg into a small glass dish, then pour the egg into the hot skillet. Season with salt and pepper. If your skillet is large enough repeat with the remaining eggs. Otherwise cook one egg at a time.
    Cook the eggs until the white is no longer translucent and then gently flip the eggs over. Cook for a few more minutes for a runny egg or longer for a firmer yolk.
  6. When the eggs are done remove them from the skillet and place them on top of the cheesy toast, two eggs per sandwich. Layer on the bacon strips, 3 to a sandwich, and top them with the remaining slices of toast.
    Serve immediately.

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