Mermaid Hair Spray

An abalone shell holding a small brown glass spray bottle, a halved lemon, sprigs of rosemary and lavender and the tips of a cedarwood branch


  • 15 Drops Rosemary Essential oil
  • 15 Drops Lavender Essential oil
  • 15 Drops Cedarwood Essential oil
  • 10 Drops Lemon Essential oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • 1 2 oz Misting bottle


  1. Create the synergy of oils by combining the drops of oil in the misting bottle. Swirl to mix and leave overnight before topping off the bottle with Witch Hazel.
  2. Give the bottle a gentle shake before each use.
  3. Can be applied to damp or dry hair. For best results mist into damp hair, massage into hair and scalp and style as usual. 


I recommend these misting bottles  and this witch hazel.

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