Potato Leek soup is creamy, flavorful, and so easy to make. Recipe from A Stray Kitchen #potato #leek #soup #glutenfree #recipe #easyrecipe

Potato Leek Soup has been on the menu around here a lot lately.

It’s probably because I’ve been harvesting both Potatoes and Leeks from the garden and soup is a great go-to as summer ends and it’s gets busy with back to school.

I’m not in school anymore and I don’t yet have children so its interesting to me that I feel the back to school vibes like everyone else. Maybe it’s the change of the season and everyone feels like they have to get their ducks in a row before cold weather descends upon us. Or maybe it’s been ingrained in me  from past school years and marketing strategies.  Whatever the case may be I feel it.

Potato Leek soup is creamy, flavorful, and so easy to make. Recipe from A Stray Kitchen #potato #leek #soup #glutenfree #recipe #easyrecipe

I like meal prepping this time of year. Coming up with pre-made lunches for me and the Mr. and doing batch cooking on the weekends makes life easier. Soup is so easy to batch cook. Just make a ton of it and reheat it for lunch (or dinner) during the week.

As I said earlier I have lots of potatoes and leeks right now so Potato Leek soup is a no brainier for lunches.  It’s hearty and flavorful on it’s own, but you can spice it up with different toppings so it doesn’t feel like your eating the same thing everyday. My favorite toppings at the moment are bacon crumbles, Parmesan, and chives (also from the garden). I’ve also enjoyed it with toasted seeds, like pumpkin or sunflower.

Potato Leek soup is creamy, flavorful, and so easy to make. Recipe from A Stray Kitchen #potato #leek #soup #glutenfree #recipe #easyrecipe

Having pre-made meals during the week is a life saver. Especially when the Mr works late and unexpected errands pop up.

I like making this with my homemade bone broth (made in the slow cooker) for added goodness and flavor.


Potato Leek Soup

  • Author: Alycia Louise


Units Scale
  • 6 cups Mashed Potatoes (roughly 8 russet potatoes)
  • 3 Leeks
  • 2 TBS Oil (Garlic or Onion oil work wonderfully here)
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Pepper
  • 6 cups Stock of Choice
  • 2 TBS Sour Cream

Optional toppings

  • Parmesan cheese
  • Chive
  • Bacon


Washing the leeks

  1. Chop leeks the way you would a green onion and place them into a large glass bowl. Fill the bowl with water and let leeks soak for a few minutes, occasionally stirring or massaging them. This will allow any dirt to fall to the bottom of the bowl. Using a slotted spoon or mesh ladle scoop the Leeks into a colander and rinse under cold water to make sure you’ve removed all the dirt.

Making the soup

  1. Place a large cast iron pot over medium heat and add the 2 TBS oil, Leeks, and salt and pepper. Saute till soft.
  2. Once the leeks are soft add in the mashed potatoes, sour cream. and stock. Allow this to heat up and then puree with an emulsion blender till smooth.
  3. Serve warm as is or with optional toppings.


I call for mashed potatoes because I usually make them  towards the end of the week and have leftovers on the weekend. It works out perfectly for making this soup. If you don’t have any mashed potatoes you can  peel and dice 8 russet potatoes and add them into the soup like normal, but you will have to wait for them to soften before pureeing everything together (which should take about 20 minutes).

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Don’t have an emulsion blender? Then you can scoop the soup into a normal blender a little at a time till everything is smooth.

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