Seed to Seal – What it means and why it’s important

What is Seed to Seal?

There are no government standards when is comes to the quality of essential oils. Anyone can slap a sticker on it saying it’s 100% pure or that it’s a therapeutic grade oil. Even if said oil has synthetic ingredients or cheap fillers. So to insure their oils are truly pure and of the highest standards Young Living created the Seed to Seal program.

Every farm and every product must meet the Seed to Seal standard. This standard insures that the oils are never compromised and will never contain synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers. It also insures that the products are ethically produced and sustainable.

They achieve this with rigorous testing at all stages of the process and strict guidelines when it comes to sourcing, science and standards of their products.

Keeping standards high

Young Living is the global leader in essential oils and are constantly innovating and perfecting the methods in the industry. All corporate-owned farms, partner farms and seed to seal-certified suppliers must qualify and meet the Seed to Seal standards.

To achieve certification a farm has to meet the highest standards in;

  • Authentication
  • Agricultural practices
  • Harvesting and collecting
  • Extraction and distillation practices
  • Testing
  • Trace-ability
  • Storage and bottling

Farms must not only meet these standards but keep these standards. They are routinely audited and tested to make sure everything is still up to the seed to seal standards. If they fail to meet the standards the plant matter or oil is rejected and Young Living works with the farm to discover where the problem is and the steps needed to become certified again.

They take quality very seriously and the founder Gary D. Young is quoted saying “If you don’t know your soil, you don’t know your oil”.

It doesn’t stop there. Young Living tests everything all throughout its growth and once it’s processed. Hence the name ‘Seed to Seal’. They follow and test their products all the way from the seeds to the sealed bottles that are sent to your door.

Young Living has 2 in house labs with state of the art lab equipment to test seeds, plant matter, and oils in over 18 different ways to insure the quality standards are being met. They also use over a dozen accredited and independent third party labs to double check their own testing.

Why I trust Young Living

Seed to Seal allows me to be confident in the quality of oils I’m buying and using. It’s one of the biggest reasons I chose to buy from them in the first place. In a world full of oils I don’t have to guess or research the quality. I just look for the Seed to Seal stamp.

For more about essential oils and how you can get started check out my essential oil page.

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