Starting a Young Living Business

Starting a Young Living Business- why you should

Do you want to be your own boss?

Set your own hours?

Earn residual income?

Are you striving to live a healthier lifestyle?

More and more people are trying to get out of the 9 to 5 grind and do something that they love, with flexible hours, and still be able to make enough money to put food on the table. Especially if they’re raising little ones.

If this sounds like you then you should consider starting a Young Living business. Not only will you be able to work from home and set your own hours, but you’ll be able to provide for your family all while sharing essential oils and natural products.


Whether you’re new to Young Living and essential oils or are a long time member. Starting a Young Living business is easy. I’ll warn you now that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It will take work and dedication (just like any other job) but what you put into your business will pay off and has some major benefits. Benefits like residual income and willable income, all with no earnings cap.

Most Young Living members end up doing the business side on accident, just by sharing their love of the oils and products. It ends up snowballing into a career that they weren’t even aware of.

Most business start ups require a substantial investment to start. You usually have to keep an inventory and you end up running around doing everything solo.

When starting a Young Living business the investment is low and the compensation is generous. There is no inventory to keep, no shipping to deal with and no employees to worry about. You also get something that other start ups usually don’t have. A support network of distributors and members just like you. They’ve been exactly where you’re at and can help you with any questions you have. This helps tremendously to avoid stumbling blocks and gets your business growing from the very beginning.

How to get started

To get started you need to be a Young Living member or become one by investing in a premium starter kit. The most popular kit comes with a diffuser and essential oils, which is $165 for the base model diffuser. How many other business start ups cost that much?

This kit signs you up as a young living member (24% off retail prices) and jump starts you with products for you to use and share. If you choose the diffuser starter kit it’s valued at over $400 and comes with 11 of the most popular oils, a diffuser and samples of Thieves cleaner and Ningxia Red. Check out my post on the Premium Starter Kit for details on the diffuser kit.

There are also other types of starter kits you can choose from depending on where you’d like to focus on with your business. Other kits include a Makeup kit, Thieves cleaner kit, or Ningxia Red kit. To see all the premium starter kit options click here. Pick the kit you’ll enjoy using and sharing the most.

Because you’re taking the business side of Young Living serious you should also sign up for Essential Rewards (ER). ER is a monthly subscription program where you earn points back on your purchases and qualify for freebies. When you’re doing the business side of ER you need to spend 100pv a month to qualify for your paycheck. It makes sense to be spending that on ER (as opposed to quick order) that way you get all the perks that ER has to offer (points back and freebies!).

The business side

How do you earn an income? By sharing the oils and products with others and having them buy products and/or become a member under you. You want to focus on sharing with people that are interested in living a healthier lifestyle and that will love the products. Selling just to sell isn’t going to get you very far with your business. It’s about long term not short term. You want to build a community that uses the products and loves sharing them as much as you do. The process to finding the right people looks different for everyone.

You can share 1 on 1 with someone. This creates a great relationship between you and your customers and allows you to make sure they are getting products that they will use and love.

You could teach classes. This is great if you have a lot of people that want to learn about essential oils and like to get together. Remember going to pampered chef parties? It’s pretty much the same thing but instead of showing off cookware you’ll be sharing essential oils and Young Living product.

Or you can share on-line via a blog or social media. This works well if the internet is your natural space and you love to share your life experiences on-line.

I do a combination of the three above, but love sharing on-line because I know I’m talking to the right people. People who are interested in essential oils and want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Earning an income

Young Livings compensation plan is really generous and makes earning a living easy. Here is their Income Disclosure Statement to give you an idea.

Here’s a basic breakdown. When you sign up a new wholesale member and they get a Premium Starter Kit, you’ll earn $50. $25 is for the starter kit bonus and 25% commission for the first 3 months for the fast start bonus. The 25% commission is based on 100pv (personal volume). Premium starter kits have a pv value of 100pv. Most consumable products have a 1:1 ratio of dollar amount to pv, but kits, diffusers and a few other items differ in pv ratio.

When members order after getting a starter kit you earn 8% on their orders. You’ll also earn 24% from retail customer orders.

There’s more involved after this basic level, like when someone you sign up signs some one up and your community grows larger.

The reason this sales model works so well is because of the products. Young Living has been in business for 25 years and they know the key to their success is happy customers. They focus on providing high quality products for their members to keep them coming back and becoming life long members. At first they focused on essential oils and have branched out to all areas of a healthy lifestyle. They have mineral makeup, personal care items (toothpaste, shampoo etc.) supplements, pet care, and baby products. There is something for everyone in the catalog.

Are you ready?

I started my Young Living Business as I was going through a divorce. I was emotionally drained, broke as a joke and needed to find my feet again. Needing to gain financial independence and wanting to dive into a healthier lifestyle, I thought selling essential oils seemed like the right fit. I was a little hesitant at first but I jumped in with both feet. It was a powerful experience for me. I fell in love with the products and then I fell in love with the people. The community that surrounds Young Living is a friendly and encouraging one. I had an amazing opportunity to attend Young Livings International Convention in 2017 and I was blown away. Essential oils helped me heal and grow as a person and I will be forever grateful for them and this company.

So the question is, are you ready? Are you going to get your feet wet or jump right in?

To sign up and start your new business use this link. This will sign you up with me and my team, where you’ll gain access to countless resources and be able to connect with other members who can help you on your new business journey. You’ll also have 1 on 1 help from me whenever you need it.

Use the link above.

Select the starter kit you want.

Fill out the personal and payment information and your in business!

Once you’re signed up shoot me an email ( and let me know you’re doing the business side of things and I’ll get you hooked up with all the resources you need.

Starting a Young Living Business is that easy.

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