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Natural oven cleaner

I ‘m horrible about cleaning my oven. I cook and bake all the time, so my oven is pretty dirty well used. If something spills and starts to burn on the bottom I try to make a mental note to clean it once the oven is cool but it never works out that way. I forget about it, only to remember once I’ve heated it to bake something else days later. Yup. I’m that person.

Once it’s gotten REALLY bad is when I get around to clean it. When it’s been needing it so long that clumps of black are charred on to the bottom and there is a waxy layer of yellow brown grease coating everything.

In the past I would break out some harsh chemical cleaners and scrub till my fingers were raw. But I had been hearing about how those types of cleaners were worse on your lungs than smoking cigarettes. I was trying different brands of natural oven cleaner but just wasn’t getting the results I wanted for the deep clean this oven needed.

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Then I found Thieves…

Soon after signing up with Young Living I started using Thieves concentrated cleaner. It was a game changer for cleaning my house. Even for the tough jobs like my oven. I was amazed at how clean it got it, so I purposefully let my oven get really nasty so I could share these before and after pictures with you. Sorry they are a bit blurry, I took them with my phone and the lighting where the stove is isn’t the greatest, but they get the job done.

I mixed up a spray bottle of heavy duty Thieves cleaner and had my favorite Thieves and baking soda mix and went to work.

I first sprayed the Thieves cleaner everywhere and let it sit for 20 minutes. This helped loosen things up and start working it’s magic. After 20 minutes I lightly sprinkled the baking soda mixture where I wanted some scrubbing power. Then I took a scrubbing pad and a razor blade went to work scrubbing and scraping with the blade as needed (mainly on the glass and really caked on stuff).

I worked on the door first. Once some of that caked on grease started to come off, it was a breeze. Letting the Thieves cleaner soak in helped loosen it up and made it possible to get it all off. It came so clean that there was no way to avoid getting my reflection in the photo! Hows that for a natural oven cleaner?

It was so easy…

Here is a close up of the oven window taken at just about the same angle. It’s so clean you can see the wood grain of the floor beneath it. I was super excited at this point because it was getting the oven super clean without as much elbow grease as the harsh chemicals I used in the past. I totally did a happy dance in the kitchen.

Thieves cleaner contains plant based ingredients and essential oils to create a natural cleaner that gets the job done. I love that I have a cleaner for every job in my house that’s safe for me to breath and touch. It’s also safe to use around my family and pets. Can your cleaner do that?

This corner was particularly crunchy and always has been. No matter how hard I tried, or what I used, it never really came clean in the past. It was exciting to see how clean it came and with a natural oven cleaner!

And it’s cost effective…

The Thieves concentrated cleaner comes in a few choices. I love and always get the 14.4 fl oz bottle. It currently retails for $29.61 or $22.50 for a member (wholesale pricing). That might sound expensive but remember its concentrated, so you have to water it down before using. Cleaners at the store are usually in 32 oz bottles and range in price. Using the thieves concentrated cleaner to make a 32 oz bottle of general strength cleaner, you would be able to make approx 30 bottles from the 14.4 fl oz concentrated cleaner and it would cost you less than $1.00 per bottle (approx $0.80 per bottle you make). That’s super affordable.

You can buy a Bottle here.

If you’re not already a Young Living member check out the Thieves Starter kit. You can get all your cleaning supplies AND get your Young Living membership at the same time. It’s a great way to get into essential oils and these awesome plant based products. Use THIS link to order and select the Thieves starter kit. Once you become a member you get to enjoy wholesale pricing on all future orders.

I’m hooked on the stuff and have been ditching my old products for new ones in the Thieves cleaning line (like laundry soap, dish soap, and toothpaste).

If you’d like more information feel free to comment below or send me an email.

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  1. I LOVE Thieves — it has literally changed my whole cleaning routine and saved us so much money and anxiety about using toxic cleaners around our kids. I had NO idea it could do such an amazing job of cleaning an oven — oh my goodness! Mine is horrible…..weekend project?!

    • Hi Cathie,
      Thieves cleaner should be fine to use on a gas stove. I currently have an electric glass top stove so I can’t assure you with personal experience, but all the ingredients are plant based and shouldn’t have any problems with a gas stove.

  2. I love thieves for cleaning. Just wanted to get my oven glass cleaned an the sides of oven, have a aqua self cleaning oven but it doesn’t do a great job.

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