What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards

What is Essential Rewards?

When you signed up to order your starter kit, it prompted you to sign up for Essential Rewards as well. You probably just by-passed it, but if you plan on buying more products (like the savvy makeup or additional oils) then do yourself a favor and sign up for Essential Rewards (ER) right now. If you haven’t become a Young Living member yet I highly suggest you sign up for Essential Rewards once you do. It’s where all the perks are at.

In a nut shell, ER is a monthly subscription service full of all your favorite Young Living products. You customize what you want, when you want it and you enjoy a bunch of bonuses like discounted shipping and loyalty gifts. It has a low minimum of 50 pv a month (roughly $50) for qualifying orders. But the more you spend the more you save and the more free product you earn.

Best of all you earn points back on the things you buy. For the first three months you get 10% back on what you order, then it goes up to 20% back and finally after 24 months it become 25% back. These points can be redeemed for products of your choosing. How cool is that? Free stuff that you want anyway? Yes please.

A shipping box full of Young Living Products

Essential Rewards is how you get the products you want while saving money and earning free products. My monthly box usually contains our household necessities like toothpaste and Thieves cleaner, and any oils we may be out of. Then I use my saved points for splurge items like the ART Skin Care System or bottles of Ningxia Red.

Essential Rewards Loyalty Gifts and Monthly Promos

As you enjoy your monthly order you can qualify for Young Livings Monthly promotions. These promo’s change monthly but often include an ER exclusive item, meaning only ER orders will qualify to get it. Simply have your monthly order high enough to qualify for a promo (lowest is usually 100pv) and then that promo item will come with your order for free!

You also get to enjoy free loyalty gifts after being on ER for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. 3 months gets you a bottle of Peppermint essential oil. 6 months is a bottle of Thieves essential oil. 9 Months is a bottle of Tea Tree. And after 12 months on ER you earn the Essential oil blend Loyalty, which is the only way to get this oil! After every 12 months of being on Essential Rewards you will earn another bottle of Loyalty.

Essential Rewards

Give me the Freebies please.

As the graphic above shows, even spending 50 pv a month earns you 4 free gifts and 105 points after 1 year as opposed to spending the same amount sporadically throughout the year. Now imagine spending $100 pv a month. You’d earn 4 free gifts, 12 first tier promos, and 210 points!

Ready to get started?

Sign up as a member and get your kit and start Essential Rewards here. You can also find out more information on becoming a member on my Essential Oils page.

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