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Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over and we are settling into winter I like to make the house as cozy as possible. I bake comfort food constantly, to fill our bellies and warm the kitchen (nobody likes a cold kitchen). We use our mugs like crazy, I constantly have hot tea water on, ready fill our mugs with teas or cocoa. I leave out little blankets on the couch and chairs just incase someone needs to cozy up in one. And I diffuse comforting winter blends in the diffuser to relax and invigorate our minds and bodies.

Winter is always an interesting time around here. On one hand it’s slower paced. There is no gardening or big outdoor projects. But there is still always something todo around here. Something to cook, or clean, or take care of. I love having the house feeling cozy all winter so when I finally have a minute to sit down and enjoy the quiet it’s well spent. Usually warped in a blanket, sipping tea or cocoa, and reading a good book.

My essential oil diffuser is always going when I am home and I like to change up the oils I use in it. I’ve got 7 blends that I seem to go back to so I’ve named them and am sharing them with you.

I love diffusing the Hibernation or Winters Slumber blends before bed. They’re extra cozy and encourage a great nights sleep. The woodsy scents are very grounding and I love pairing them with bright scented oils for a relaxing but invigorating experience.

Give these blends a try and find your favorite while bundled up at home.

If you want to learn more about Essential oils check out my Essential oil page.

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